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  • Intercomp Set to Support USA Bobsled Team in 2018

      Chủ nhật - 18/03/2018 10:31

    Intercomp Company (South Korea) – Intercomp is proud to support the USA Bobsled Team on their quest to claim medals in PyeongChang. Five U.S. sleds are registered to compete in South Korea, beginning Sunday, Feb. 18. Four two-man sleds, and one four-man sled, were set up using a set of Intercomp’s RFX™ Wireless racing scales.
  • Marsden Weighing Group’s New Heavy Duty Scales administrate weights up-to 5 tonnes

      Chủ nhật - 18/03/2018 10:31

    Marsden Weighing Group (UK) – Leading industrial weighing scales manufacturer, Marsden, has launched a new range of heavy duty platform scales, suited to weighing heavily-laden pallets, roll cages and dolavs. The scales in the new ‘5T’ range have a 5000kg capacity and are reinforced for extra strength in order to withstand the increased load. “Previously,
  • Intuitive-Lite4 Range of Digital Panel Meters from Applied Measurements

      Chủ nhật - 18/03/2018 10:31

    Applied Measurements Ltd. (UK) – “The New Intuitive-Lite4 series of digital panel meters are the perfect choice for when you want a high precision display but with no additional plug-in features. The Intuitive-Lite4 series is the ideal option for the budget conscious application”, explained the company. Features: Simple to Use – New Single Layer Menu
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Accurate to the microgram, Golden Lotus 2018

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